Did You Know – Its Your Car and Your Choice!

You have the right to choose any collision repair facility to repair your vehicle. Select the shop you feel most comfortable with.

There is no need to obtain more than one estimate. Since you decide who will repair your vehicle, contact that shop for an estimate. There is no law requiring you to get estimates from multiple repair facilities.

Make sure the shop you select is able to manage the paperwork and negotiations with your insurance company. Pruitt’s Auto Collision will handle everything on your behalf.

Never drive a vehicle that could be unsafe. Call Pruitt’s Auto Collision during business hours for towing or call Lenox Wrecker (272-1785) after hours towing. On-site rental car pick-up and return are available so you don’t have to be without transportation.

Have your vehicle towed directly to the shop of your choice. Towing it to a storage lot can incur additional expense and leave your vehicle vulnerable to theft and vandalism. Pruitt’s Auto Collision premises are secured to protect your vehicle from further damage.

You do not have to drive your vehicle to a claim center. Ask the insurance company to send the appraiser to Pruitt’s Auto Collision to inspect your vehicle.

Choose a shop that is equipped to handle today’s high-tech vehicles. State-of-the-art systems, from frame straightening to paint mixing, as well as experienced technicians, come standard at Pruitt’s Auto Collision.

Demand a lifetime guarantee.

Have a great day!
Liz Pruitt
Pruitt’s Auto Collision