Why get 3 Estimates

The whole blog thing is new to me, so coming up with topics is a little challenging. I have been putting this off for a year now because I did not know what to say. Well here it goes.

Welcome to the blog for Pruitt’s Auto Collision. We are a small locally owned Body shop/Collision Repair facility in Owasso OK. The body shop business is new to me but not to my husband Randy. He has been in a body shop since he was a young teenager. If you would like more information about our history please visit our website http://www.pruittsautocollision.com/.

One of the most common things we run across at the shop is clients coming in wanting an estimate. Of course you need an estimate before you get the car fixed but the whole misconception that you have to have 3 estimates to turn into the insurance company is just a waste of time for the client. For all you clients that really do not have time for this and don’t want to waste your time, here is the truth…

When you get in a wreck normally the first person you call is your insurance agent, you know the local person that you signed up with that represents the insurance company. You tell them that you have been in a wreck and they tell you to go out and get 3 estimates from different shops and turn them back in. When you initiate that phone call to tell the agent you have been in this wreck they turn in a claim for you to the insurance company and you are assigned an insurance adjustor from the claims department, at least with most major companies.

Most major insurance companies do not accept body shop estimates and require their own adjustor to inspect the damages and create their own estimate. The adjustor is responsible for writing the estimate and working with the body shop of your choice to get the vehicle fixed. Here is where you going out and getting those 3 estimates becomes a waste of your time. As I said the adjustor writes the estimate and then tells you to take it and get it fixed. Well when you take the car to the body shop you have chosen to do the repairs you give them a copy of the insurance adjustors estimate and body shop works off that estimate! If items were missed by the adjustor on the estimate, which is very common, the body shop creates a supplement estimate and sends it to the adjustor for him to approve the additional repairs and charges. Sometimes the adjustor will come out and re-inspect the car and other times the adjustor will just accept the supplement and tell the body shop to move on with the repair.

This is the estimate process for most major insurance companies but not for all companies. So always ask your agent when you call them to report the wreck if a claims adjustor will be coming out to write the estimate so you don’t waste your time.

I hope you have found this information helpful and as always if you have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call us at Pruitt’s Auto Collision 918-274-4499 or visit our website www.pruittsautocollision.com

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